5       General Information

6       Materials


7       Tools
         Cutting tools

         Templates and stencils
         Hoops and frames
         Other tools

11     Pressing and starching

11     Caring for your quilt

12     Sizes of quilts


13    Preparation

14    Templates
         Making templates for piecing
by hand
         Making templates for piecing by machine
         Using templates for piecing by hand
         Using templates for piecing by machine

16    Cutting out
         Using a rotary cutter

         Cutting strips
         Cutting squares and rectangles
         Cutting half-square and
         quarter-square triangles
         Cutting diamonds
         Trimming points
         Cutting without templates

  19    Creating the quilt top

21    Patchwork and piecing

21    Patchwork blocks

23    Piecing by hand
         Straz~ht seam

         Butted seam

         Set-in seam

26    Piecing by machine

         Straight seam
         Chain piecing
         Butted seam
         Set-in seam

29    Sewing curves


30     Foundation piecing

31    Strip piecing

32     English piecing

33    Log cabin

35    Crazy patchwork

37     Seminole patchwork

38    Appliqué

38     Preparing shapes
         Using paper- backed fusible

         web (or appliqué paper)
         Using templates

42     Hand appliqué
Blanket stitch
         Slip stitch
         Stab stitch
         Needle-turn appliqué

46     Machine appliqué
Satin stitch

47     Bias tubes
          Tube with the seam allowance on the outside
         Tube with the seam allowance on the inside
         Double-fold tube
         Appliquéing the tube

49     Broderie perse

50     Shadow appliqué

51     Reverse appliqué

52     Fabric manipulation

52     Cathedral window

55    Ruching
Grid ruching
         Circular niching

57    Prairie points (or shark’s teeth)
individual prairie points
Multple prairie points


60     Slashing and chenilling

61     Tucking
Blind tucks
         Graduated tucks
         Centred tucks
         Undulated tucks
         Bubble tucks

64     Suffolk puffs

65     Yo-yos

67     Embellishing

67     Embroidery
         Blanket stitch

         Blanket stitch
- long and short
         Chain stitch
         Detached chain
         Feather stitch
Fly stitch
         French knot
         Herringbone stitch
         Pistil stitch
         Stem stitch

75     Beading

         Attaching a bead
         Attaching a string of beads
         Attaching a circle of beads

78     Assembling the quilt top

78     Blocking

79     Setting blocks together

80     Sashing
         Sashing without cornerstones

         Sashing with cornerstones

82     Borders
         Measuring for borders

         Butted corners
         Square corners
         Mitred corners


86 Quilting

87 Marking the quilting design
    Stencils and templates
    Perforated patterns
   Using masking tape 

90 Attaching the batting
       and lining
Preparing the lining
            Basting with safety pins
            Basting with thread

   93    Quilting by hand
Knotting the thread
           Starting and ending off
           the thread
           Quilting without a hoop or frame
           Quilting in a hoop or frame

   97    Quilting by machine
Starting andfinishing
           Trimming the
tails of thread
           Quilting with the feed dog
           Free motion quilting 

99 Straight line quilting
           Quilting in the ditch
            Outline quilting
           Grid or cross-hatch quilting 

100 Echo quilting

100 Corded quilting

102 Trapunto

104 Tying

106 Finishing

107 Squaring the quilt

108 Making binding
        Joining bias strips
        Making continuous bias binding

110 Attaching binding
        Attaching doubled binding with butted corners
        Attaching single binding with butted corners
       Attaching doubled binding with mitred corners
      Attaching single binding with mitred corners
     Making rounded corners Scallops 

120 Backing turned to front 

121 Adding a hanging sleeve

122 Glossary

123 Index

128 Acknowledgements