On the Cover                                                                                          4

Foreword                                                                                               5

Acknowledgements                                                                                 6

With Heart and Hand • by Elly Sienkiewicz                                           8

Baltimore Beauties 111 collection

Home and Garden Wall Quilt • byJulee Prose                                       12

Baltimore Beauties III collection

Baltimore Beauties III • by Julie Sheckman                                          20

Baltimore Beauties III collection

Tribute to Marian • by Andrea Balosky                                                26

Century of Progress collection

Bridge of Life • by Alex Anderson                                                       30

Color Bridge collection

Color Bridge Dance • by Alex Anderson                                              36

Color Bridge collection

Tennessee Garden • by Mabeth Oxenreider                                        38

Garden Plan collection

Woven Star • by Karen Montgomery                                                  44

Pine Garland I & II collections

Fancy Flowers • by Piece 0’ Cake Designs                                         50

Seasonings and Woven Stripes and Plaids collections

Healing Hearts • by Nancy Taylor                                                        56

Woven Stripes and Plaids collection


Window on the Tropics (Retina Fatigue) • by Susie M. Robbins 62 Tropical Fling collection


Somewhere in Paradise • by Kathleen Butts and Ann Marra 68 Tropical Fling collection

The Recipes                                                                                          72